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The main office location in USA is in Portland. All orders that are made from...
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A fun gadget called Drivemotion, with msn smileys inside this car gadget for fun messaging with other drivers. A very popular car gadget as smileys are popular in mobile phones and computers. Now drivers use them for communicating with other cars. Use LED smileys to show all kinds of funny expressions and messages. Its useful, fun, and a great gadget. The latest technology used to manufacture Drivemotion, designed in the UK.

Were delighted to be bringing you a very unique opportunity. You can now express all those feelings bottled up inside you whilst driving. Want to compliment that cute girl or guy driving in a car right behind you? No problem! Need message the driver behind with the crazy driving? Sure! Press the remote control to show them a message.

We bring you Drivemotion - the ultimate drivers communication device. Invented & developed by British engineers using the latest manufacturing technologies. In essence its a remotely controlled LED display that attaches inside your rear car window, facing the driver behind. Choose from any of the different versions & you can begin to communicate with all other drivers.

Drivemotion Pure Faces
A series of emoticon face messages to light up for the driver behind. Show them exactly how you feel. These range from angry, happy to sorry. Click the picture to see images of the messages.

USA and Canada shipping included (free).
World shipping price - $15 USD.  
50.00 USD
Drivemotion EX
This version can really show the depth of your emotions. Each of the messages can be escalated by up to 3 times. For example, if you press the Im happy button, you can press it a further 2 times, escalating the happy message. There are 16 messages in total click the picture for more information.

USA and Canada shipping included (free).
World shipping price - $15 USD. 
63.00 USD
Drivemotion Constructor
With this version, you can make any of over 500 different messages. The internal memory has a range of phrases, word & emoticons, you can use these in series to construct a message to really tell the driver behind what you feel - click the picture for more information.

USA and Canada shipping included (free).
World shipping price - $15 USD. 
70.00 USD